Gopal Snacks Limited (GSL) operates with 3 primary manufacturing facilities located at Rajkot (Gujarat),  Nagpur (Maharashtra) and Modasa (Gujarat) for the production of Gathiya, Namkeen, Wafers and Snack Pellets.

In addition, GSL operates 3 ancillary manufacturing facilities located at Rajkot (Gujarat), which produce besan or gram flour, raw snack pellets, seasoning and spices which are primarily used for captive consumption in the manufacturing of finished products such as Gathiya, Namkeen, Wafers and Snack Pellets.

Research and Development

Gopal Snacks Limited boasts a dedicated team of experienced professionals who work on developing new and innovative products through continuous engagement in research and development. Our R&D efforts have aided in recently foraying into products such as noodles, tortilla chips and cheese balls. Collaborating closely with operations and business teams, our R&D ensures food safety standards compliance, adherence to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India regulations, and optimized manufacturing processes. Our research and development capabilities are key to maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.

Automated Plants

To dispatch the items on schedule, the operational conditions in our warehouses use automated equipment, conveyors, automated guided vehicles, etc., have a significant impact on the transport capabilities as they help move the raw materials and products around without any human intervention. 

In House Logistic Image

Logistic Unit and Automobile Workshop

In order to keep our promise of delivering the best service to our channel partners, we have over 250 transport vehicles that we operate and maintain ourselves. This allows us to reach even the most remote areas of India while closely monitoring delivery time and optimizing speed. Additionally, we have an engineering and fabrication facility in Rajkot, Gujarat where we manufacture custom containers for our vehicles to transport our products.

The facility is also equipped to perform repairs and undertake maintenance of container vehicles. We believe that our capability to manufacture containers allows us to ensure the strength of metal body of containers, ensuring our products are protected from heat rain and humidity. 

Besan Unit

In order to produce Besan or gram flour for 40% of our product range, including Papdi, Sev, namkeen mixtures, and other Gathiya, we have a dedicated unit in Rajkot spanning through which we aim to ensure consistent taste, texture, and quality in our final products.

Fryums Unit

Raw Snack Pellets Unit

We have our in-house manufacturing capability for raw snack pellets, to strive for quality and taste. 

Besan Unit

Spice Unit

In Rajkot, Gujarat, we have a spice unit that produces key spices like chilli, cumin, coriander, and turmeric. These spices are utilized in making a variety of our namkeen products. 

Largest Cold Storage System as of June 30, 2023

Our cold storage within primary manufacturing facility at Modasa, Gujarat has a capacity of 40,000 MT as of March 31, 2023. We have the largest cold storage capacity in the Indian snacks industry, as of June 30, 2023. Our vertically integrated operations allow us to have complete control over the production process. 

In House Machinery Manufacturing

We have an ability to customise machines to our specific requirements, ensuring they are optimized for producing our range of products. For example, we have customized setups for fryers, mixing machines, blending machines, ingredient controllers, weight controllers, and product identification mechanisms. This allows us to manufacture products with consistent temperature, shapes, textures, and taste, giving us control over production and dispatch quantities. Additionally, this customization promotes the employment of Indian engineers.

In-House Engineering and Fabrication 

We have an engineering and fabrication facility located at Rajkot, Gujarat to manufacture customised containers which are mounted on our vehicles to transport our products. The facility is also equipped to perform repairs and undertake maintenance of our container vehicles. Owning a fleet of customized container vehicles helps us avoid undue delays in delivery of our products, wastage threat of in-transit pilferage and avoidance of demurrage due to incidental delays. Further, using our container vehicles that feature our branding while transportation, helps in brand building. 

Cold Storage


Our Modasa facility has an effluent treatment plant which has a capacity of treating effluent up to 500 kilo liters per day and also has a sewage treatment plant.

100% in-house Constructions

Direct Procurment From Farmers 

Gopal Snacks Limited believes in supporting the farmers, who are the backbone of the Indian economy. Hence, the raw materials such as potatoes are directly sourced from the farmers giving them extra benefit.

Environment Friendly

Renewable Energy - Solar

We have taken specific measures to conserve energy, including the adoption of solar power at our manufacturing facilities located in Rajkot and Modasa in Gujarat. This initiative aims to enhance efficiency while maintaining the same energy consumption, thereby contributing to the concept of sustainability.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy - Wind

We are exploring sustainable energy resources, such as installation of a wind turbine generator with a capacity to generate 2 MW electricity, to further demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.