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In the year 1965 Vitthalbhai Haribhai Hadvani started manufacturing traditional Namkeen in village Bhadra, district Rajkot. With the clear vision and boundless enthusiasm of his son Bipinbhai Vitthalbhai Hadvani, The foundation stone of Gopal Namkeen was laid in 1994 and the legacy is continued till date.

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Snack Pellets

The Different shaped crunchy and mouth watering Snack Pellets are extremely popular in all age groups. These yummy munchies will leave your taste buds craving more.





Different types of Namkeen with different taste wins everybody's heart. Its tantalizing and seasoned product, prepared with refined ingredients, will make you smack your tongue and lips.

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Savour the deliciousness of these crunchy crispy papad and its sublime taste is guaranteed to satisfy your senses.





Crispy and scrumptious wafers, will delight your taste buds that will make your mouth water.

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